Configuring the WS_FTP Server database

You can use the the DB Config Utility to:

To open the DB Config Utility, double-click the file dbconfig.exe. in the Utilities directory. The default location for the utility is:

Note: You must be a local system administrator to use this utility.

Configuring a remote database

By default, the WS_FTP services (FTP, SSH, Log, Notification) and the WS_FTP Server Manager (web interface) look for a local database. The DBConfig utility lets you point the services and Server Manager a remote database.

If the database you are pointing at has never been configured for WS_FTP Server, you will be prompted to enter a Hostname, Admin Username and Password. DBConfig will then create the Host/User you specified so you will be able to login to the WS_FTP Server Manager.

To configure a remote database:

  1. Open the DB Config Utility.
  2. For the database location, enter the dedicated IP address for the computer on which the database is installed, then click OK.

    The DBConfig Utility does the following:

    • Verifies connectivity, then authenticates to the database.
    • Stops services.
    • Removes service dependency for the local database.
    • Updates the Connection String in the Registry - yes, it is encoded.
    • Checks if the database exists:
      • If the database exists, another server entry is made in the database for the current computer, and the Server GUID is updated in the registry.
      • If the database does not exist, the utility prompts for a hostname, Admininistrator username, and password, then creates the Administrator user for FTP, and the Notification Server.
    • Starts services.
    • Restarts the web server.

Modifying the WS_FTP Server database configuration

To modify the present database configuration, open the DB Config Utility and change database connection information as necessary.