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The Organization Profile table (ORGS - Licensed Organizations) displays a summary of each organization configured for your site.

important This view provides links to org-level controls that you can use to implement org-specific information sharing and security policies. These controls include such as:

  1. Sign-on as SysAdmin.
  2. From the navigation pane, click ORGS.
  3. From the Orgs table, click on an organization name.

    Organization Profile view displays (detailed Org feature and security controls)

General Information

To make changes to General Information, click the Change Information link.

Security Information Section

Click a link to edit configuration attributes for a specific setting.

Secure Connection Requirement

This control defines the minimum strength of the SSL connection over which MOVEit Transfer will permit communications. Typically set to 128-bit in a production environment.

Note: If this value is set on the System organization (#0), SysAdmins can apply the setting to all organizations.

Administrator Package Access

By default, admin users or "administrators" do not have Ad Hoc capabilities. You can control these here, or keep them under system admin scope.

Act as Admin and Edit

SysAdmins can go directly to an organization page and temporarily perform Admin tasks on that page. Pages: Users, Groups, Folder, Other Settings.

File/Folder and Ad Hoc-Only

Lists which parts of the user interface appear to the organization's users.

The Change Setting link is available for organizations that use MOVEit Transfer with Ad Hoc license. For more information, see Change User Interface Settings.

Maximum User Count

The maximum total user count enabled for the organization. To configure counts for total users, end users, and temporary users, click Change Setting. For more information, see Change Maximum Users Count.

Prevent Changing Sign-on/off Logging

Controls whether sign-on and sign-off events for the organization are written to the log.

Allow Administrators to reset own password

Default=Disabled. Allows MOVEit Transfer administrators to reset their password based on security questions (challenge-phrase and response-phrase pairs), which they choose and setup ahead of time.