Listener Port, Collection, and Retention Settings

NTA Settings dialog (SETTINGS menu > Network Traffic Analysis > NTA Settings) provides NTA system and application settings such as logging, listening port, data retention, and data management properties.

(General settings)

Note: The collector will purge any unclassified data that has no activity after the Expire Unclassified Traffic After threshold value is satisfied.

Data retention

You can use the data retention section of the Flow Monitor Settings dialog to set data retention parameters for flow and interface data. Periodic roll-up and archiving of flow data minimizes system resources needed for data storage and improves system responsive during data intensive operations.

Data retention settings

You can either manually tune data retention or allow Network Traffic Analysis to self-tune and optimize retention of flow data. Tuning is necessary to manage the growth rate of the Network Traffic Analysis databases.

Flow data includes many parameters (input and output interfaces, source and destination IP addresses, port numbers, byte rates, flow end times, and so on) which provide useful information at the price of storage. Rolling up the data makes for efficient storage, but there may be losses of time-related information within individual flows.

The following parameters are used to control the cleanup of flow data.

Note: When you place the cursor in a box to change a value, a message appears at the bottom of the dialog. This message provides information about the number and percentage of the recommended maximum flow records being stored in the Network Traffic Analysis data and archive databases. As you make changes, the message predicts how the change affects the number of records stored in the Network Traffic Analysis data and archive databases.

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