SMS Direct action

SMS Direct messages are similar to SMS messages, except a phone line is not required. Instead, messages are sent directly to a cell phone, or other texting capable device, via a GSM modem. If the receiving phone is not active or is out of range when a SMS message is sent, messages are received when the phone is turned on. SMS messages are listed in the WhatsUp Gold Action log.

You need the following items to use the SMS Action:

Configure the following:


Alert Center Message

Alert Center Message. Message that is to be sent from a WhatsUp Gold Alert Center notification including percent variable codes. Note that embedding percent variables can expand actual character count.

Tip: To enter Alert Center percent variables, click the Alert Center Message box.

Note: If the message exceeds 140 characters, the message will be broken into up to 3 parts and will be sent as separate messages ("1 of 3", "1 of 2", etc.).

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