Create a Custom Device Role

The steps for creating a custom device role in WhatsUp Gold include:

Step 1: Clone an existing role

Copy a Default device role from the library that is close in function and monitoring objectives as the new target role.

Consider the following guidelines:

  • It is easiest to take an existing role or sub role as a starting point for your new role.
  • A sub role similar to the custom role you envision enables you to re-use scan rules and its monitor list, sometimes with very little editing.
  • Modifying Default roles from the same functional category often enables you to re-use SNMP module identifiers and enterprise MIB tables sought out by scan rules.
  • If you clone a Default role/sub role, your new Custom role's weight of classification is much greater than the Default value. In other words, Custom roles take precedence over Default roles. (You can adjust weighting later, if needed.)

Tip: For hints and guidance on Discovery Scan classification and monitor lists, look at device sub role definitions in the Role and Sub Role Library.

Step 2: Refine scan rules

Refactored scan rules enable WhatsUp Gold Discovery to detect and classify your target device.

Tip: After you refactor scan rules, run your new scan on a small but representative sample to see how new detection rules and role definitions work with Default roles.

Step 3: Enable the role

Enable the role within the Role and Sub Role Library.

Step 4: Discover

Run a discovery scan or rescan to test your role definition.

Step 5: Customize

Add monitors, create custom monitors, and apply as needed.

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