Roles/Sub Roles Library

Roles/Sub Roles Library (SETTINGS menu > Libraries > Roles and Sub roles) enables you to customize and extend device role determination. WhatsUp Gold applies a device role when network scans result in the discovery of a new device or refresh of a device already known.

Device Role

Model that WhatsUp Gold uses to predict device capabilities. A device can have only one primary role but multiple sub roles. For example, a device might have a primary role of wireless access point and switch as a sub role

Roles/Sub Roles Wizard

Create or edit roles/sub roles to ensure that WhatsUp Gold applies the appropriate map connectivity links, map icons, device attributes, and finally monitors.

Roles and Sub Roles Library

Create, store, and re-use default role configurations and monitor lists. (Monitor lists are activated as part of the Start/Update Monitoring process.)

Manage roles

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