Device Roles (Detecting Categories)

Roles and Sub roles Library (similar to "Device Role Settings" in WhatsUp Gold 16.x and 17.0 Console Application) provides a simple workflow for extending how WhatsUp Gold classifies devices detected during discovery and refresh scans. Role determination directly influences a device's default monitor selection.

You can extend and customize device discovery by adding and editing device roles:

Before You Begin: Access Discovery Permission Needed

To use Role Editor features a WhatsUp Gold user needs the Access Discovery permission selected from the User and User Groups library. This is also needed to discover devices. See Administering Users and User Groups, for more information.

Tip: After you run Discovery, device group access rights (when provisioned) can affect which discovered items your user can visualize, monitor, and manage from MY NETWORK.

Typical Leverage Points

Roles and Sub roles Library enables you to:

Note: For a detailed explanation of how device roles work and influence default monitor selection in WhatsUp Gold, see the topic titled About Device Roles.

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