What's New

We're excited to announce the following features and enhancements implemented in the latest version of WhatsUp Gold.

IT Network Administrators like yourselves helped choose many of the features that went into this release. We always want to hear from you to improve and make WhatsUp Gold your "one-stop" solution for network management. Make sure to join and participate in the Ipswitch Community to provide feedback on future releases, or consider joining our beta program by contacting our support team.

Refresh Map Links

Top Community Request

You now have the ability to refresh device links on your custom map views. To do so, select Refresh Map Links from either the group action menu or right-click menu on the device/group selector to update link data to match the current set of link data on the auto-layout map. Note, this action launches a dialog where you'll need to choose to either preserve or clear manual link data during the refresh.

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Refresh Map Links

Refresh Map Links

Discovery Exclusion List

Top Community Request

You can now maintain a list of devices not currently monitored by WhatsUp Gold to be excluded from discovery if you are only interested in discovering or updating a specific portion of your network environment. The exclusions list can be found by selecting SETTINGS > Discovery Settings from the main menu.

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Discovery Exclusion List

Additional Features


A new REST API that allows customers to write scripts that can integrate with WUG in various ways.

New device support

WhatsUp Gold now officially supports Cisco Catalyst 9300 and HPE 2930 Managed Switch devices.

Windows 2019 Server support

WhatsUp Gold now officially runs on Windows 2019 Server.

New Percent Variables

WhatsUp Gold HelpLearn more.

WhatsUp Gold has added new percent variables for Maintenance Reason and Short Device Status.

  • Device.BestState
  • Device.WorstState
  • Device.ManualMaintenanceReason

Nested vCenters

Detect and display a vCenter server running in a virtual machine that it manages.

SNMP v3 Traps

WhatsUp Gold now captures and reports on SNMP traps with proper SNMP v3 credentials which use authentication/encryption.

Audit Policy Log improvements

The Audit Policy Log now supports larger device groups containing 200+ devices.

Installation improvements

The WhatsUp Gold installation program will now stop when required software is not present on the device rather than complete installation with errors.

Important database schema changes

The following changes have been made to the WhatsUp Gold database schema:

  • dbo.StatisticalInterface and dbo.StatisticalInterfaceCache tables no longer exist.
  • StatisticalInterfaceCache table is replaced by dbo.StatisticsInterfaceCache.
  • StatisticalInterface is replaced by dbo.StatisticsInterfaceRaw, dbo.StatisticsInterfaceHourly, and dbo.StatisticsInterfaceDaily, each storing the raw collected, hourly-rolled up, and daily-rolled up data, respectively.
  • Some columns from the original tables have been removed in the new tables (e.g., the tables no longer store nIfInOctets_Total or nIfOutOctets_Total, as they can be calculated by multiplying nIfInOctets_Avg or nIfOutOctets_Avg with nTimeDelta.).
  • Other columns may have data types changed in the new tables.

These changes primarily impact users with custom dynamic groups, custom reporting, or any third-party add-on software running with WhatsUp Gold. Any user-created SQL queries (including dynamic device group definition SQL queries, or queries used in user-created reports) will need to be updated if they reference the removed tables.

Updated and improved

We're committed to building the best in class software for network and application monitoring. See a problem, or an area in need of improvement? Participate and post your suggestions in the Ipswitch community. We're listening.

Feature Area Item Details
Reports FLM-4243

The Top Interfaces By Traffic graph didn't change when different directions were selected.

User Interface WCF-520

WhatsConfigured thresholds caused .ASP timeout errors and/or performance issues in the web interface.

Config Mgmt WCF-939

Adding or removing devices from a Configuration Management task caused duplicate Alert Center thresholds to be created.

Logs WCF-972

WhatsUp Gold architecture was improved to better accommodate large groups in the Audit Policy Log

Config Mgmt WCF-997

The Configuration Management Policy Audit Log displayed invalid values in the Ignore Case and Regex columns.

Maps WUG-29567

The Custom map layout was improved in several ways including the implementation of a functional grid, a method by which to lock map nodes in place, a method by which to manually manipulate links, etc.

Database WUG-30513

The RemoteDbConfig utility fails during upgrade if the WhatsUpGold SQL Account does not have the "View Any Database" permission.

Virtual WUG-31770

Dictionary Key Violation occurred for WhatsVirtual Performance Metrics.

Devices WUG-31845

WhatsUp Gold displayed IP addresses as display names for discovered devices even when the hostnames could be resolved.

Discovery WUG-35320

WhatsUp Gold has improved the ability of discovery to scan large address ranges.

Maps WUG-35515

Menu options applicable to managing custom links between devices on the Custom Layout map view weren't functioning properly.

Polling WUG-35760

Users may now specify ports to exclude during rescan using database script from TS.

Devices WUG-35803

WhatsUp Gold now supports Cisco Catalyst 9300 devices.

Library WUG-36048

WhatsUp Gold now contains a new percent variable (%Device.MonitorState) which emulates the pre-18.3 %Device.State percent variable behavior as %Device.State was modified prior to the last release.

Monitors WUG-36073

Enabling the File checksum option prevented the successful creation of a File Property monitor with SHA hash.

Monitors WUG-36444

WhatsUp Gold can now receive SNMPv3 traps with authentication & encryption.

User Interface WUG-36562

The default message included with email actions has been modified for clarity due to confusion stemming from new/revised percent variables.

Maps WUG-36575 WUG-36578

Links displayed on the Custom Map Layout and associated data can now be refreshed.

Library WUG-36615

WhatsUp Gold now contains a percent variable which reports simple device status without any additional information (e.g., down monitors).

Discovery WUG-36681

Scheduled discovery configurations did not save properly.

Discovery WUG-36682

Discovery failed to successfully connect some end devices without SNMP on the map.

Traffic Analysis WUG-36747

Network Traffic Analysis dashboard views failed to load properly and forced logout.

Polling WUG-36756

Some scalability pollers went down randomly requiring a manual service restart.

Devices WUG-36861

Customers may now add devices and begin monitoring using a public API.

Services WUG-36880

Discovery service stopped responding during a discovery scan.

Discovery WUG-36883

SNMP Performance monitors were assigned to devices based upon role when they do NOT respond to that OID, even if set to Check Support First.

Discovery WUG-36911

Customers interested in monitoring just a small part of the network now have the ability to add IP addresses/devices to an exception list which can then be excluded from a discovery.

Discovery WUG-36948

Discovery failed to successfully discover Juniper devices.

Monitors WUG-36974

The Folder Monitor was unable to retrieve folder information when the Include sub-folders option was enabled.

Library WUG-36994

WhatsUp Gold now contains a new percent variable (%Device.ManualMaintenanceReason) which reports the reason a device went into maintenance mode.

User Interface WUG-37032

The online help topic applicable to the use of percent variables has been modified to better explain how %Device.Status is resolved.

Discovery WUG-37035

Discovery was unable to successfully discover Aruba Instant access points.

User Interface WUG-37050

WhatsUp Gold help documentation was updated to include procedures for configuring Azure billing.

Devices WUG-37123

Devices being monitored changed roles to invalid roles based on scan rules.

Monitors WUG-37126

WhatsUp Gold users now have the ability to import/export device-specific monitors using a Swagger API.

Monitors WUG-37182

VMWare collected performance monitors often failed with the following error: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.

Virtual WUG-37198

WhatsUp Gold implemented support for nested vCenters.

Monitors WUG-37324

WhatsUp Gold fan, temperature, and power supply monitors are now compatible with and assigned automatically to Cisco Catalyst 2960 / 2960G and 2930 devices.

User Interface WUG-37325

Bulk Set Maintenance Schedule configurations did not save properly.

Discovery WUG-37374

Running discovery using a hostfile no longer named a device based off what was in the host file.

Reports WUG-37421

Some reports failed to open/display properly following upgrade to WhatsUp Gold 2019.

Discovery WUG-37518

Discovery failed to successfully connect some end devices without SNMP on the map.  

Maps WUG-37626

Links between devices were not successfully created with LLDP.

Devices WUG-37629

Dynamic group membership updater task encountered an exception; VIEW SERVER STATE permission was denied.

Maps WUG-37692

Some groups were not properly displayed in the map view.

Maps WUG-37732

Following VMWare discovery, some incorrect links were added to the map and some exisitng links were removed.

Devices WUG-37783

The primary role assigned to a device changed after refreshing the device in discovery.

Reports WUG-37799

Placing too many real-time performance monitor reports on one dashboard view generated the following error: RPM_TEST_MONITOR_QUEUE_LENGTH_EXCEEDED

Reports WUG-37826

Interface reports fail Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type bigint

Monitors WUG-37973

Interface Performance Monitor hourly interface data collection rollup failed.

User Interface WUG-37983

Online help referred to the incorrect program file path for WhatsUp Gold-related folders.

Virtual WVRT-4086

WhatsUp Gold Live incorrectly categorized errors when certain virtual devices had no VMWare credentials assigned.

Things You Should Know

Important: After upgrading WhatsUp Gold, please restart the WhatsUp Gold server and clear the cache and local storage for browsers on all machines that will access the WhatsUp Gold server.

System Requirements

For more information about what is needed to operate WhatsUp Gold, see System Requirements.