Activate new or upgraded licenses

Important: If WhatsUp Gold is installed using the installation application downloaded from the web link provided in the purchase confirmation email, the program is fully functional immediately after installation. However, if you upgrade from a previous version of WhatsUp Gold, make sure to clear the browser cache so that the user interface displays new web application pages after the upgrade.

Important: If the license is not automatically activated during the installation or if you are upgrading from a previous version, you can manually activate WhatsUp Gold. Make sure that you activate WhatsUp Gold before starting the application. If the application is not activated before the polling engine is started, the engine will not start and a message telling you that the license has expired is written to the log. The application is not functional until after it has been activated.

Warning: If you already have WhatsUp Gold installed and need to upgrade your license to include Log Management features, you must run the installation again on your WhatsUp Gold server in order to not only provide your new license key, but also to properly install and/or configure your Elasticsearch instance for use with Log Management. The more typical upgrade procedure in which license activation is managed using the applicable option found in the Start menu cannot be successfully applied when Log Management features are included with the new license.

To activate WhatsUp Gold manually:

Before you begin the manual activation process, make sure that you have your product Activation Key available to use in the activation program. Click Start > Programs > WhatsUp Gold > Manage WhatsUp Gold License. The activation program appears. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the product activation. When the activation is complete, a confirmation page indicates the license has been activated. If the activation does not complete successfully, you may be behind a proxy or firewall that is blocking the activation request. In this case, click Offline, then follow the on screen instructions.

Note: To send anonymous information about WhatsUp Gold usage and performance, check the Help us to improve WhatsUp Gold by sending anonymous usage statistics box.

Tip: You can view information about your installation by viewing the About dialog which can be accessed from the HELP menu found in the upper right corner of the WhatsUp GoldWhatsUp Gold user interface.

Important: WhatsUp Gold first attempts to perform online activation over the same port (80) Internet browsers use by default. If the direct connection cannot be established, WhatsUp Gold looks for proxy settings on the computer and attempts to perform online activation though defined proxy servers. Many internet service providers use proxy servers. If no connection can be established at all, or if the product still does not succeed in connecting through a proxy server, then the user must perform offline activation.

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