Configure your Elasticsearch instance for use with Log Management

Warning: When prompted by the installer, review the IMPORTANT information about available options and recommendations for using Elasticsearch with WhatsUp Gold before proceeding. Your selection must reflect the needs of your specific network environment, how you intend to collect log data from sources, and any security limitations under which you may be operating.

Warning: If you do not plan to use Log Management features and as such do not need to install or use an Elasticsearch database, please enable the applicable checkbox at the bottom of the IMPORTANT Log Management Information dialog, then click Next.

If your license includes Log Management features and you would like to use a secure Elasticsearch instance:

If your license includes Log Management features and you would like to use the local Elasticsearch instance included with WhatsUp Gold:

Note: Please ensure your WhatsUp Gold server meets the minimum recommended hardware specifications to adequately support Log Management.

Note: Please ensure the selected drive contains the minimum recommended free space to store log data.

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