WhatsUp Gold combines monitoring with powerful alerting, notification, and policy mechanisms to keep network infrastructure, services, and applications running smoothly and stakeholders informed whenever issues arise. WhatsUp Gold ensures network administrators and managers have 360-degree visibility, actionable intelligence, and complete control to make smarter decisions faster.

WhatsUp Gold can monitor, report, alert, and take action based on the status of network devices, host systems, and services. To start, it discovers and reports on any connected assets within minutes, while leveraging several detection techniques and a comprehensive library to manage credential types.

The latest version of WhatsUp Gold enable you to discover, manage, and explore WhatsUp Gold-discovered and WhatsUp Gold-monitored devices, visually, either as a network map, or a device table, or both. The map and table work together to provide status at a glance and quick drill down into device details when you need to know more than just operating state and basic attributes.

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