Device Management Actions

A number of manual actions can be performed on a selected device directly from the My Network view. Simply right-click on the device's icon on the map and select from the options displayed. You can also select any device to display the corresponding device information card, then click WUG17.0N-IMG-DEVICE_ACTIONS_ICON and select the action to be performed. Please note, actions to copy, move, or remove devices do not apply when a dynamic group is selected, and as such, are not displayed in the device management actions menu. Additionally, you may not remove devices when the Include devices in sub-groups option is enabled.

Note: Refresh, which leverages Discovery, is the best method for refreshing Host, System, and Inventory information.

When manually placing a device in maintenance mode using the device management actions menu, you are presented with the option to specify a date and time for the maintenance period to end without further end-user interaction. Please note, manually placing a device in maintenance mode using this method, either with or without applying expiration, will always take precedence over any previously assigned scheduled recurring maintenance windows configured in Device Properties.

When multiple devices are selected, the device management actions available vary slightly. Actions specific to a device group selection are as follows: