Survey of Frequently Used Logs

The following table shows frequently used logs and what they record. A full list can be found in the WhatsUp Gold Logs Library.

This logger:

Records the following:

Action Log

Triggered and scheduled tasks referred to in WhatsUp Gold as actions.

Actions Applied

State that triggered the action and the device the action was applied to.

Activity Log

System-level events including startup and initialization, shutdown, and restart.

Blackout Summary Log

Records actions not triggered during a scheduled blackout period.

Discovery Scan Log

History of network discovery scans and including controls to relaunch.

Error Log - General

Error notifications, failure notifications, and unhandled exception messages re-directed from standard error.

Error Log - Logger Health Messages

Reveals both failures and routine health checkpoint messages for the WhatsUp Gold polling engine.

Error Log - Passive Monitor

Error and failure messages gathered from passive monitors.

Error Log - Performance Monitor

Error and failure messages gathered from performance monitors.

Policy Audit

Configuration record changes based on deployed patterns and policies.

Recurring Action Log

Records scheduled tasks that are recurring.

SNMP Trap Log (SNMP Trap Log, Syslog)

History of SNMP trap notifications.

Scheduled Report Log

Records recurring and scheduled report events.


Syslog events. (Appropriate syslog listener needs to be configured.)

Web User Activity Log

Records user interaction with the WhatsUp Gold web UI.

Windows Event Log

Records Windows Event Log entries. (Appropriate WMI listener needs to be configured.)

Task Log (Configuration Management)

Aggregates messages generated by Configuration Management.

Start vs. Run (Configuration Management)

Startup vs. running configuration change events tracked by Configuration Management.

Policy Audit (Configuration Management)

Configuration Management Policy out of compliance events.


Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) events.

Unclassified Traffic

Events for traffic over unexpected ports and the network interface that carried the traffic.

Hyper-V Event Log (Virtual Monitoring)

Hyper-V virtual machine events received from configured monitors.

VMware Event Log (Virtual Monitoring)

VMware virtual machine events received from configured monitors.

Wireless Log

Wireless device and monitoring events.

Alert Center

View alert center engine events.

APM Applications State Change Log

Transitions in application monitoring states

APM Resolved Items Log

Resolved actions for all instances or components in the selected application, profile, or selected component.

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