Hyper-V Event Log

Hyper-V Event Log records virtual machine events received from configured monitors. Log file entries reflect event logs maintained on the given hypervisor host.

Each log message record contains the following data columns:

Note: Hyper-V Event Log only returns log messages for hosts that have the appropriate WhatsVirtual listeners and event collection enabled. For more details, see Enable WhatsVirtual Event Listeners.

Tip: Date-time stamp for Hyper-V Event Log log messages are relative to time settings configured for the hypervisor.

Fetch and filter log data

Choose device. Choose one or more host devices.

Choose time constraints. BusinessHours Choose specific windows for log data, or choose Last Polled DateRange for the latest.

Filter and reduce by row and by column. Select rows based on specific column values, remove columns, and remove noise and chaff from the table.

Export report data

Report data can be exported from WhatsUp Gold, reused, and distributed in multiple formats. Select Expand (Full_Screen_Transparent) from the Dashboard Options (DasboardOptions) menu. After the report has been expanded, select the Export Data icon to access the following options:

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