System Settings

The Systems Settings menu provides access to a number of configuration options you can use to customize specific areas within your WhatsUp Gold setup.

WhatsUp Gold uses technology that enriches the user experience by providing guided tours and product notifications. This also assists us in continually improving the product by understanding how you interact with WhatsUp Gold. For more details, refer to the End User License Agreement.

Warning: The General Settings dialog includes the Allow Auto-Login feature which when enabled allows you to manually include login credentials within the WhatsUp Gold URL for the purposes of sharing your network monitoring environment with non-users. Please be aware that enabling Auto-Login could introduce a potential security risk to WhatsUp Gold and your network environment. We do NOT recommend enabling this feature unless absolutely necessary.

Example Auto-Login URL: https://<servername>/NmConsole/?u=<username>&p=<password>.

Note: When using the Auto-Login feature, unencrypted usernames and passwords in the URL cannot contain special characters.

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