Customizing web alarm behavior

To modify the default sounds and settings applicable to web alarms in WhatsUp Gold, first select the Enable device web alarms checkbox in the User Preferences dialog. Once enabled, you can use the Checking interval control to set the amount of time to elapse before the application checks both monitored devices and the WhatsUp Gold system itself for updated web alarm information.

Also, you now have the ability to upload either a .mp3 or .wav sound file to be played when a system alarm is triggered. To do so, click Upload, browse to and select the sound file you want to use as audio for WhatsUp Gold system alarms, then click Open. Choose the uploaded filename from the System notification sound drop-down menu, then click Save.

Please note, the maximum file size allowed may be determined by your IIS settings and corresponding limitations. We recommend selecting a brief audio clip for use as a custom web alarm.

Note: Uploaded sound files may be used as system alarm cues only.

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