Using Scalability Pollers with WhatsUp Gold

The WhatsUp Gold Scalability poller is a separate application installed on any Windows system on the network. The Scalability poller is in addition to the poller integrated within WhatsUp Gold. Extending polling activity across multiple pollers increases the number of devices for which WhatsUp Gold can poll and collect data to send back to the WhatsUp Gold system. Using additional pollers can efficiently scale polling operations to a larger number of network devices, ultimately providing the capacity to monitor and manage larger networks. Scalability pollers can also simplify traversing across private networks.

More specifically, scalability pollers installed on your WhatsUp Gold system transmit specific data elements to the WhatsUp Gold server for reporting. However, note that these pollers only support selected features and their use is not necessarily a substitute for a full WhatsUp Gold Distributed set up depending on your network environment and monitoring needs.

Currently, the following features must be handled by the WhatsUp Gold server:

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