Installing the Scalability Poller Application on a Remote Machine

The installation file can be downloaded from the WhatsUp Gold support website. The following are prerequisites for installing an additional poller on your WhatsUp Gold system:

Important: The machine on which the WhatsUp Gold poller is installed MUST have the same access to the network as the WhatsUp Gold machine. Polling data is always reported from the viewpoint of the WhatsUp Gold machine regardless of which device performed the polling task. Therefore, if a poller can only access a portion of the network, devices to which the poller does not have access (even if previously discovered by WhatsUp Gold) are reported as down.

During installation, you must configure each poller to send data to the WhatsUp Gold server by entering a name to identify the poller, the server name or IP address to identify the device running WhatsUp Gold, and valid credentials required to access the WhatsUp Gold host computer. You must also use this information to configure WhatsUp Gold to receive data from each poller installed on your network.

To install the WhatsUp Gold poller:

  1. Double-click the executable file. If the Security Warning dialog appears, click Run. The WhatsUp Gold Polling Engine - InstallShield Wizard launches.
  2. Click Next. The End User License Agreement dialog appears.
  3. Review the License Agreement, select I accept the terms of the license agreement, then click Next to continue. The Installation Folder dialog appears.
  4. Click Next to install the WhatsUp Gold poller in the default directory or click Browse to select a different location. The WhatsUp Gold info dialog appears.
  5. Enter a unique name to identify the poller in the Poller Name box. Please note, following installation, you will need the poller name to successfully add the poller to the configuration library in WhatsUp Gold.
  6. Enter the server name or IP address for the WhatsUp Gold machine in the Primary WhatsUp Gold Server box.

    Note: The default port shown in the WhatsUp Gold Info dialog is 9713. This is the port assigned to the WhatsUp Gold host system and should not be altered unless the port on the WhatsUp Gold machine/polling controller has been changed.

    Note: In order for a poller to successfully connect to WhatsUp Gold, enable communication on the following ports: TCP 9713 - Polling Data Communications and TCP - 9730 Polling Control Communications.

    Important: If the remote poller you are installing will be used in a WhatsUp Gold Failover environment, select the applicable checkbox, then enter the server name or IP address for the Secondary WhatsUp Gold Server in the Secondary WhatsUp Gold Server box.

  7. Click Next. The WhatsUp Gold Windows Account dialog appears.
  8. Enter a valid user name and password for the applicable Windows user account.
  9. Click Next. The Poller Service Log-On Account dialog appears.
  10. Enter the password for the current Windows account on the machine on which the poller is being installed.

    Note: WhatsUp Gold Poller inherits the security attributes in place on the machine on which it is installed. We recommend the poller be installed using an administrator-level Windows account.

    Note: To modify applicable credentials after installation, access the Windows Vault from the Control Panel of the machine on which the WhatsUp Gold Poller is installed.

  11. Click Next. The Ready to Install the Program dialog appears.
  12. Click Install. InstallShield Wizard installs the WhatsUp Gold Poller.
  13. After installation is complete, click Finish to exist the InstallShield Wizard.
  14. Click Finish.

Please note, after a poller is installed on a remote machine, you can modify the poller User name and Password in the Windows Credential Manager, accessible via the Windows Control Panel. Ensure you log in to this machine using the same user credentials used during the poller installation. You can also run the remote machine poller install program (repair install) on the target poller system to change the user name and password.

In the event you need to remove a poller from your WhatsUp Gold system, you can choose one of two methods. First, you can simply remove the poller from your system by deleting it from the Polling Configuration library in WhatsUp Gold, in which case the poller will no longer be active but the application will remain installed on the remote machine. Or, you can completely uninstall the poller application from the remote machine. Please note, the poller will continue to be displayed in WhatsUp Gold in an error state until you delete it from the Polling Configuration library.

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