Using Scalability Pollers with Failover and Distributed

If you have Failover features enabled, any scalability pollers pointing to the primary WhatsUp Gold machine must be identical in both name and configuration to scalability pollers pointing to the secondary WhatsUp Gold machine so the failover system is redundant, receiving and reporting the same data in a failover scenario. Any variation in name, configuration, or access permissions between pollers assigned to the primary and secondary WhatsUp Gold machines will cause incomplete data to be returned on the WhatsUp Gold failover system.

Caution: Scalability pollers do not failover independently of WhatsUp Gold. If an individual poller fails, its counterpart on the secondary WhatsUp Gold system will not assume the failed pollers' operations. Your secondary WhatsUp Gold system must mirror your primary WhatsUp Gold system completely.

Important: Because scalability pollers assigned to the primary and secondary systems must be named identically and in a failover scenario only one WhatsUp Gold system is active at a time, each poller name only needs to be entered into the polling configuration library once.

Scalability pollers work with a WhatsUp Gold Distributed configuration exactly like a standard WhatsUp Gold configuration. No special configuration is necessary.

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