Get SNMP Traffic Totals

When certain flow sources export flow statistics for a portion or "sample" over overall traffic observed, you can complement flow sampling by gathering packet count totals using SNMP.

To add a device as an SNMP Source to poll for total interface traffic (packet totals):

  1. Open the NTA Sources Library (SETTINGS menu > Network Traffic Analysis > NTA Sources).
  2. Click Add > NBAR Polling Source.

    The Flow Source dialog displays.

  3. Provide the following field values:
    • Source IP Address. IP address of the flow source device.
    • Display Name. (Optional.) Name to display in NTA reports and the NTA Sources Library.
  4. Enable data collection from this source. When you enable the current source will count as points against your Flow Monitor license.
  5. SNMP credentials. Select appropriate credentials from the drop down list.
    • Advanced (button). Select a time out interval and retry frequency.
    • Query (button). WhatsUp Gold Network Traffic Analysis queries the source device for interface information. The Interfaces frame displays known network interfaces for the current device.
  6. Polling source.
    • Poll source for total interface traffic. Click on this box to enable the device as an SNMP statistics source for Network Traffic Analysis.
    • NBAR. (Optional) Click to enable NBAR statistics and classification data.
  7. Access rights. (Optional) Opens the Flow Source access rights dialog that enables you to block WhatsUp Gold users from the flow data.
  8. Interfaces. Select one or more interfaces, edit properties as needed, and select OK.
    • Edit. Edit interface properties and provide clues like interface speed if nominal interface speed is not advertised by the device.
    • Hide. Ignore when collecting statistics.
    • Show. Include in statistics gathering.
    • OK. Apply these settings and exit.

    Network Traffic Analysis saves your SNMP source which also displays in your NTA Sources Library.

Find source in NTA Sources Library and view polled data:

  1. Wait a few minutes for the polling/sample interval to begin populating Network Traffic Analysis, then from the NTA Sources Library (SETTINGS menu > Network Traffic Analysis > NTA Sources), find the source record you just created (in the previous procedure). Select it.
  2. With your source selected, click the Source Traffic button.

    An NTA Dashboard displays with the current source selected.

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