Ensure SNMP/WMI Capability on Monitored Devices

Devices should be configured to respond to SNMP requests whenever possible. Alternatively, at discovery time, WhatsUp Gold can also gather information about Windows devices using WMI.

Important: You can add an SNMP agent (Windows service) from the Turn Windows Feature On or Off dialog for your current Windows device. In most cases, this Windows feature will already be enabled.

Note: In most cases, the information available using WMI is also available using SNMP. Where SNMP requests are more efficient than WMI requests, we recommend using SNMP for discovery.

Tip: For the best discovery results, configure all of the credentials used by devices on your network prior to initiating a discovery scan.

After WhatsUp Gold discovers a device, it uses SNMP MIB or WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) data recorded on that device to gather any appropriate device properties and configuration information. The information it collects enables WhatsUp Gold to identify the device and includes but is not limited to:

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