Managing User Accounts and User Groups

While WhatsUp Gold allows you to create and customize user groups as well as enable individual user rights for those groups in order to meet your specific network monitoring needs, you can also take advantage of several preconfigured user groups which have common and/or logical combinations of user rights enabled to reflect typical user group profiles. Use the Add New User dialog to manage user accounts and user group access to application features such as Account Administration, System Administration, Monitoring, Devices, APM (Application Performance Monitoring), and Reports.

Add New User Accounts

Applied Policies

Select the account policies you want to enable for the user. For more information, see Password Expiration and Retry Policies.

Home Device Group

Click Browse to select the device group(s) for which user can access and manage.

User Groups

Select the user group(s) for which user will access inherit user rights.

These user group options are available when creating or editing a user account and can be accessed and subsequently edited to better fit your organization directly from the User and Group Library.

Advanced User Rights Settings

Click Advance User Rights Settings to edit user rights beyond the inherited rights based on the assigned user groups. For more information, see Add New User and User Rights.

Note: Inherited user rights cannot be disabled unless the user is removed from the group.

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