Active Monitor Availability

Active Monitor Availability report provides a comprehensive set of states and measurements that account for the monitor's absolute availability or "uptime" for each active monitor associated with one or more devices. Active Monitor Availability report displays complete accounting information for each Active Monitor.

The sum of state categories for a given monitor reflect 100% of observed device activity over a given time interval. These reporting metrics reveal service level and uptime compliance at a glance.

When the report is filtered to present data for a specific device and active monitor, a chart representing monitor availability over time for the selected interval is also displayed.

Note: Start date and time are only displayed when a single device is selected.

This active monitor state

Is measured as


Fraction of uptime for the current date range.


Fraction of downtime for the current date range.


Fraction of time that no data was collected. For example, before monitoring began or during monitor off times not considered maintenance.


Fraction of time that device was placed into maintenance mode. When production servers are taken offline for diagnostics or performance testing, for example.

Availability. Monitor state color indicator. One of the following:

This indicator










Generate a report

Choose Device. Choose one or more host devices you want Active Monitor Availability measurements for.

Choose time constraints. (DateRange,BusinessHours) Choose times for the Active Monitor Availability. (For recently observed measurements, select Last Polled from the Date Range DateRange drop down list.)

Filter and reduce by row and by column. Sort and remove columns, group rows based on specific column values, and remove unwanted information from the table.

Rename Report. WUG17.0N-SP2-REPORTS-SETTINGS-IMG Edit report name using the Report Settings WUG17.0N-SP2-REPORTS-SETTINGS-IMG dialog.

Note: This report only returns Active Monitor Availability metrics for devices that already have the appropriate WMI or SNMP credentials. For more information, see Using Credentials.

Export report data

Report data can be exported from WhatsUp Gold, reused, and distributed in multiple formats. Select Expand (Full_Screen_Transparent) from the Dashboard Options (DasboardOptions) menu. After the report has been expanded, select the Export Data icon to access the following options:

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