State Change Acknowledgment Report

State Change Acknowledgment Report journals the acknowledgment of state change notifications. When a device state change is detected, WhatsUp Gold puts the device into a 'waiting for acknowledgment' mode.

Note: Acknowledging a device state change does not keep that device from firing actions. To stop a device from firing actions, you must put the device into maintenance mode.

Generate a report

Choose Device. Choose one or more host devices you want State Change Acknowledgment Report information for.

Choose, filter, and reorder columns. Choose and hide columns, reorder columns, and customize your data view.

Rename Report. WUG17.0N-SP2-REPORTS-SETTINGS-IMG Edit report name using the Report Settings WUG17.0N-SP2-REPORTS-SETTINGS-IMG dialog.

Export report data

Report data can be exported from WhatsUp Gold, reused, and distributed in multiple formats. Select Expand (Full_Screen_Transparent) from the Dashboard Options (DasboardOptions) menu. After the report has been expanded, select the Export Data icon to access the following options:

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