Upgrading your WhatsUp Gold installation

WhatsUp Gold 2018 supports direct upgrade installations from WhatsUp Gold v16.x. or WhatsUp Gold 2017 (v17.x.) Please note, upgrading from v15.x should work as well, however if you experience any issues with this scenario, you may need to upgrade to v16.x or WhatsUp Gold 2017 (v17.x) in the interim prior to upgrading to WhatsUp Gold 2018 (v18.0.)

Important: In an effort to make WhatsUp Gold more compliant with more advanced IIS environments during upgrade, you will be prompted for your Windows account password. Please enter the Windows account password created during initial WhatsUp Gold installation to proceed. Or, if you do not know the password for this account, you can enter a new one at this point. When prompted by WhatsUp Gold, please confirm you understand the password entered is new and will replace the password for the original Windows account.

Important: Please note, when upgrading installations using Distributed features, Ipswitch recommends upgrading the Central site and all Remote sites.

For additional information regarding upgrading the application from a previous version, please see the WhatsUp Gold Release Notes.

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