Offline activation

To complete offline activation:

  1. After beginning product installation, enter your activation key and select Use offline activation mode on the License Information dialog, then click Next.
  2. Click Activate Offline.
  3. Click Generate File, then save the offline activation (.ofa) file created in an accessible location.
  4. Copy or move the file to another computer connected to the Internet.
  5. From the connected computer, launch an Internet browser and navigate to the Offline Activation page of the Ipswitch Community site.
  6. Select Upload OFA File from the offline activation method drop-down menu, then click Submit.
  7. Click Choose File, then select the .ofa file you copied to the connected computer.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Download you license file, then move it back to the machine on which you want to install WhatsUp Gold.
  10. On the same WhatsUp Gold Activation dialog from which you generated the original .ofa file, click Next.
  11. Click Browse, then select the license file retrieved from the connected computer.
  12. Click Activate.
  13. Complete the installation process.

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