IMPORTANT: Order of operations for installing WhatsUp Gold using Failover AND Distributed features

If you intend to install WhatsUp Gold using BOTH Distributed and Failover features, please set up your installations using the following order of operations. Failure to do so may cause issues with successful network monitoring as well as connectivity and/or communication between installations.

  1. First, install the individual instance of WhatsUp Gold that will serve as both the Secondary installation for Failover and the Central site for Distributed.
  2. Next, install the corresponding instance that will serve as the Primary installation for Failover. During installation, configure this instance as the Central site for your Distributed setup as well. Central site settings should be identical to that of the instance configured for Distributed in the previous step.
  3. After the Secondary and Primary installations for Failover purposes are complete and both configured as the Distributed Central site, you may proceed with installing your Distributed Remote sites. Keep in mind, since you are using Failover features with Distributed, each remote site will actually consist of a Primary and Secondary installation. As with any Failover setup, the Secondary site must be installed first.

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