Working with the Discovered Network View

Select DISCOVER from the navigation menu, then choose from the following options:

Tip: From Discovered Network view, you can initiate the first step to ensure a device at your site is monitored by WhatsUp Gold. Simply select one-or-more devices and click Start/Update Monitoring. This is a fundamental step needed to add a device to My Network. After the device is added, you can manage a device fully from Device Properties.

Use these controls to browse, filter, and reduce the view:


Filter the map by device name, MAC or IP address, location, brand, devices found during one of the last five discovery scans, role, assigned credential type, operating system, and current monitored or discovery status to limit the number of items displayed.


Display discovered devices previously hidden from the map.

The bottom of the interface contains the following controls for manipulating the map view:

Display/Hide the Legend or the Active Scan progress bar on the map. Please note, device states shown in the legend and throughout WhatsUp Gold remain displayed in English regardless of the language pack selected for the current user.

Zoom in, zoom out, and fit the map displayed to the available screen space.

Toggle between pan and select modes. When pan mode is enabled, clicking and dragging moves the displayed map. When select mode is enabled, clicking and dragging selects all devices within that area of the map.

Display the Device List both in full and in partial screen views.





A status bar showing the progress of the discovery scan in progress if applicable also appears at the bottom of the interface.

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