Device Properties

Device Properties panel (WUG17.0N-IMG-DEVICE_PROPERTIES_ICON) is the central management/information point for any single managed device. It's the interface you leverage when bulk operations or group information (report data, for example) are not appropriate for your management task. Use Device Properties to apply changes, troubleshoot, and check configuration properties for any single device.


Device Configuration. Control how your device is monitored, managed, and represented within WhatsUp Gold. (Includes roles determination as well as network and hardware information used to identify monitor selection and device boundaries).


System Status and Properties. View host properties, device role classification and status information.


Device Picker, Actions, and Status Reports. Apply operations, get status, and troubleshoot network connectivity for this device.

Tip: Tabs displayed in the device center are dependent upon the device role and information gathered during discovery and do not appear if not applicable to the selected device.

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