Adding Discovered Devices (to MY NETWORK)

After you run discovery, discovered devices display on the Discovered Network Map. Initially, these devices display as unmonitored Unmonitored. This topic describes how you add them to your monitored network.

Note: When you add monitoring to a device it counts towards the points limit defined within your WhatsUp Gold license.

To add discovered devices to be monitored, you select them and apply monitoring. You can interact with the monitored devices by way of the My Network map.

To add discovered devices:

From Discovered Network map view (DISCOVER menu > Discovered Network), select or bulk select device(s).

Device Card (single device) or Device Summary (for more than one selected device) displays.

  1. From the Device Card, click Start/Update Monitoring.

    The Start/Update Monitoring dialog box displays.

  2. In the Start/Update Monitoring dialog:
    • Select a destination group, or elect the default.
    • Create an optional subgroup for the destination group.
    • Review the device names, IP addresses, and assigned roles as well as the WhatsUp Gold managed device license totals. Please note, to modify the role automatically assigned to a device by WhatsUp Gold, click on the current role to launch a list of options, then select the new role for assignment to that device.
    • Click Start.

    Icons for each device you add transitions visually from unmonitored Unmonitored to monitored WUG17.0N-SP2-Monitored-Server.

    Tip: You manage devices by way of the My Network map or list view. For example, you cannot delete devices directly from Discovered Network after you add them. You must delete them from My Network instead.

  3. Begin managing and applying monitors, threshold alerts, actions, and policies using the My Network map.

    Tip: Contact the WhatsUp Gold Team at Ipswitch to increase the number of device licenses.

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