Home Dashboard

Home Dashboard includes a range of reports that survey common performance, availability, and system auditing scenarios. You can also add your preference of reports from the Reports Library to the default Home Dashboard views or to custom views you create.

Tip: To show reports in full screen with most if not all possible columns, click on report options (Report_Options ) menu and choose Expand (Full_Screen_Transparent).

Built-in report views

Overview. Device up/down summary at a glance.

Top 10. Ranked top n list of built-in performance as well as active monitor (ping) reports.

Actions & Alerts. Operational summary for monitored devices including device health, active monitor status, and triggered notifications, actions, and scripts.

Wireless. Access point performance, traffic, and summaries. Client volume per wireless segment and rogue accounting.

Critical Activity. Network monitoring activity categorized by feature and/or function.

Storage Monitoring. Monitor reports limited to reporting data gathered from storage devices.

Customize report views

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