User Permissions Dashboard

The User Permissions dashboard presents all access rights an assignments currently configured in your instance of WhatsUp Gold within a single view. This information is categorized into the following individual dashboard reports.

Please note, the reports displayed on this dashboard view are automatically filtered for the user logged into WhatsUp Gold and the home device group configured for that user account.

When viewing device group permission information in the Device Group Access Rights dialog or on the User Permissions dashboard:

Tip: Hover over any check mark to display a brief explanation of the individual permission.

All dashboard report data can be sorted and filtered as needed to assist with troubleshooting issues related to or caused by incorrectly configured or assigned user or group permissions.

Tip: Users have the ability to launch the Device Group Access Rights and User Settings dialogs directly from the User Permissions dashboard where they can make any necessary changes without navigating away from the dashboard view. All affected reports reflect any changes made immediately upon closing either dialog. This feature ensures the User Permissions dashboard is not only a valuable source for viewing user, group, and device data, but also a useful tool for administrators tasked with managing permissions for WhatsUp Gold overall.

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