Roles/Sub Roles New/Edit Wizard

Role Editor Library features a role and sub roles wizard (SETTINGS menu > Libraries > Roles and Sub roles Library [, ]) used to add and edit the model needed to classify device roles and sub roles. Role and sub role assignment determine monitoring and management characteristics for a given device.

Note: Discovery and refresh scan performance can be slower if you apply many new role definitions with large and complex scan rules.

Within the wizard, you can apply the following rules, settings, and characteristics:

General Settings. Name, select an icon, and provide a weight or 'confidence' for this role classification.

Scan Rules. Create role-detection rules that delegate device role based on host, system, or management object (MIB) strings, values, and attributes.

Suggested Roles. (Sub Roles Wizard only) Consider these roles as candidates for the current sub role definition.

Associated Sub Roles. (Roles Wizard only) Sub role label(s) to apply based on the rules match.

Attributes. Use system, host, and MIB values as attribute data within WhatsUp Gold.

Custom Links. (Roles Wizard only) Associate web-browsable resources with this device.

Monitors. Delegate WhatsUp Gold monitors to associate with this role when you add monitoring.

Action Policy. (Roles Wizard only) Associate device role(s) with policies that sequence and bundle next steps for triggered thresholds, observed monitor state changes, and cascading events.

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