Monitoring Wireless

WhatsUp Gold allows you to monitor the performance of lightweight access points, wireless LAN controllers, and wireless autonomous access points as well as manage wireless rogues. WhatsUp Gold defines "rogues" as devices detected due to proximity to an access point but unknown to the network, which should be investigated to determine potential risk.


Wireless infrastructure devices are initially discovered along with non-wireless devices connected to the network during the WhatsUp Gold discovery process. You can create a regular scanning interval to detect and update active end-stations connected to your access points using the Schedule tab in the IP Address Scan wizard.

Note: In your discovery scan you must elect to Expand Scan to Include Wireless Environments.

Your ability to manage wireless infrastructure devices is determined by your user rights. To view data on this dashboard, you must have the Access Wireless user right enabled. For the ability to actively manage wireless infrastructure devices as well as include, exclude, or manage rogues, the Configure Wireless option must be selected as well.

Map/organize/interact/monitor (My Network Map)

Wireless infrastructure (access points and WLAN controllers) and clients (devices running as wireless "end stations") can be filtered from other devices on the My Network Map using the Wireless Overlay (WirelessOverlay).

Analyze (dashboard, log, and report)

Analyze log, reporting, and dashboard data to assess performance, quality of service, and impact.


Wireless monitoring data can be visualized, shared, and reused using Export (ScheduledExport) and Dashboard Options (DasboardOptions).

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