Discovering Applications

You can discover applications on and create application instances for devices monitored by WhatsUp Gold. To be discoverable, an application must have at least one discoverable service or process component associated with its profile. Ensure Use in discovery is enabled when adding or editing Service Check or Process Check components within the application profile.

To discover applications:

  1. Select SETTINGS > Application Monitoring > Application and Profile Setup from the top navigation menu.
  2. Click Discover Applications.
  3. Click Select Group, choose the device group in which you want to discover applications, then click Apply.
  4. Click the Add WUG19.0-Add Monitored Application icon, select the applications profiles you want to monitor, then click OK.
  5. Click Run.
  6. When application discovery is complete, click Start Monitoring for any displayed profile/device pairing.

    Note: At this point, WhatsUp Gold will begin testing individual components which make up the application profile. Note that some components may require additional configuration before they pass testing. You can also modify the application name and/or select an action policy using this dialog.

  7. When selected components have been properly configured (if applicable) and pass testing, click Save.
  8. Repeat these procedures as needed to create additional monitored applications.

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