About Critical Component Groups

A critical component group is a grouping of components that contains specific logic to allow for complex evaluation of the up/down state of an application. For example, given four components A,B,C and D, the following logic can be applied, so that if A and B are down or C and D are down the application is placed into the down state. ((A and B) or (C and D)). Critical component groups are always considered "critical", in that if a critical component group is evaluated to be in the down state, the entire application is in the down state.

Components can be added to or removed from entire application profiles or individual monitored applications.

For example, you create a critical component group called Device Utilization and assign the following components to the group:

You then assign the following state logic to the critical component group: If CPU Utilization and Virtual Memory Utilization equal Down and Disk Utilization equal Warning, then the component group is Down. Since this component group is considered "critical", the application instance that contains this critical component group would also be Down.

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