Configuring an Application Monitoring Action Policy

Configure the following settings to create an action policy for monitoring applications using WhatsUp Gold.


The Sources area displays the application instances to which the application policy is applied.

State Transition Rules

State transition rules use the time in the previous state (state transition criteria) to evaluate whether to perform an associated action for each state transition type (Up to Down, Maintenance to Down, Warning to Down, Up to Unknown, etc.). If the source was in the previous state for the amount of time stated in the rule prior to transitioning to the current state, the action defined in the Action Rules section is performed. Using state transition criteria can help reduce the number of state transitions that cause an action to fire by ignoring state transitions that are short lived or intermittent.

For example, you can create a state transition rule that performs an email action when the source goes to the Down state (target current state) from the Up state (previous state) and had been in the Up state for at least 5 minutes prior to entering the Down state (state transition criteria). This state transition rule does not cause the action to fire for state transitions where the source was in the Down state for less than 5 minutes.

The state transition rules may be defined for the following current states, each represented by a separate tab:

Action Rules

The Action Rules section allows you to designate the actions that occur when a State Transition Rule for the target current state is met. For example, you may assign the email action to occur when the source goes into the Up state from the Down state and remains in the up state for 5 minutes, after meeting the state transition rule of having been in the Down state for at least 10 minutes before transitioning to the Up state.

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