Application Monitoring Actions

Application Monitoring Actions work much like actions configured for devices. The following action types are available for use with application monitoring with WhatsUp Gold:

To create an individual action:

  1. Select SETTINGS > Application Monitoring > Application Monitoring Actions and Policies, then select the Actions tab.
  2. Click WUG17.1-PLUS-ADD_APPLICATION_MONITORING_ACTION, then select the type of action you want to create from the list.
  3. Configure the action as needed, then click Save. For additional information on configuration options, refer to the applicable action-specific topic referenced previously.

You can also click WUG17.1-PLUS-EDIT_APPLICATION_MONITORING_ACTION to edit, WUG17.1-PLUS-DELETE_APPLICATION_MONITORING_ACTION to delete, or WUG17.1-PLUS-Copy_User to copy the selected action.

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