Application Attributes

Attributes are used to specify identifying information about an application. Just as attributes can be created for and applied to devices, they can also be created for and applied to application profiles. Application attributes can be used when configuring components and actions. They can also be applied to individual application instances without changing the parent application profile. When instances are created from an application profile, any attributes applied to that profile are inherited by the instance. However, inherited attributes can be overridden if desired.

To add an attribute to an application profile:

  1. Select an application profile using the applicable checkbox at left, then click the Edit (WUG17.1-PLUS-SP1-EDIT_CUSTOM_LINK_MONITOR) icon to launch the Application Profile Editor.
  2. Click the Add (WUG19.0-Add Application Attribute) icon under Attributes, then select an existing attribute from the list or alternately select Create a new attribute.
  3. If creating a new attribute, specifying a name and value, then click OK.
  4. Click Save to close the Application Profile Editor.

Important: When an attribute is applied to an application profile, it is automatically included when that profile is imported into or exported from WhatsUp Gold by another end-user.

After an attribute has been created and has an assigned value, it is available for use and can easily be applied when configuring actions or components using percent variables. When added to actions, attributes automatically populate their assigned values in message content. When added to component definitions, attributes are used to poll components and test functionality.

Please note, when using application attributes when configuring components:

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