Disk Utilization (Performance)

Disk Utilization (Performance) monitor provides disk capacity and utilization metrics. It is a core WhatsUp Gold performance monitor that cannot be removed from the Monitors Library. This monitor requires SNMP or Windows (WMI) credentials. If you collect from a VMware environment, you will need VMware credentials.

Note: If you want to return disk utilization metrics for a Hyper-V guest VM, you must enable the VM to record WMI or SNMP metrics as described in a community article titled Hyper-V Disk Utilization Information May Not Be Available. Outside of this requirement, WhatsVirtual also provides read/write metrics in the Virtual Machines Disk Activity report. (The Virtual Machines Disk Activity monitor is a default monitor added to devices exhibiting the VM role).

Tip: This community article (Requirements for Remote WMI Access) details how to enable WMI on the device(s) you want to poll.

  1. Select the Protocol with which you want to collect data from the device. If your selection generates an error or WhatsUp Gold informs you the selected protocol may/will not work for the device, please choose an alternate protocol prior to saving your monitor configuration.
  2. Specify if Disk Utilization data should be collected for All disks or Specific disks. If you plan to monitor utilization for only certain disks, enable the applicable checkbox(es) at left in the configuration dialog prior to saving your monitor configuration.
  3. Use the Polling interval (minutes) control provided to indicate how often you want data to be collected.
  4. Expand the Advanced section of the dialog and use the controls provided to modify the Timeout (secs) and Retries settings, if desired.

    Tip: This section of the configuration dialog contains a third control which allows you to specify how WhatsUp Gold should determine the uniqueness of disks; by Disk index or Disk description.

  5. Click OK to save your monitor configuration.

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