Getting Started

The main window and menu items highlight the individual tasks and complete workflow available for leveraging the core network, infrastructure, and application management capabilities of WhatsUp Gold.

The steps for managing your network and application infrastructure with WhatsUp Gold include:

Step-by-Step Guide

When managing your network infrastructure, host devices, and virtual devices in WhatsUp Gold, the typical workflow includes:

Step 1: Discover devices on your network


Run initial discovery scan with associated credential types. Credentials

  • Discover devices based on IP address(es) or hosts file.
  • Perform batch ('seeded') discovery walking network segments, using an IP address or range as a starting point.
  • Additional details and device-configuration scenarios are outlined in Getting the Most from Your Scan.

Tip: Scan for managing hosts and services (such as WLAN controllers, cloud management service endpoints, and vCenter, VMware and Hyper-V hosts) with appropriate credentials and scan depth. This 'top-down' approach enables WhatsUp Gold to track and maintain parent-child relationships and identify associated WLAN APs, cloud resources, virtual machines, and more.

Step 2: Add discovered devices to WhatsUp Gold managed devices (enable device-level monitoring)

Step 3: Set up monitors DNSMonitor WMIperf ...

Step 4: View detailed reports and summaries of device statistics and status Status

Step 5: Create user roles, policies, chains of notification, and automate corrective actions for handling network, device, and application alerts and events.