The Email monitor checks a mail server by first sending the server an email via SMTP. Then, in the subsequent poll, the monitor attempts to delete previously sent emails using either POP3 or IMAP. If no emails from the monitor are present in the inbox to delete, the mail server is considered Down. Please note, the first time the monitor is polled and an email message is successfully sent, the status will automatically be Up because there are no previously sent emails to delete.

Note: The email monitor supports encryption with SSL/TLS and SMTP Authentication which ensures that the monitor sends emails to a secure email account.

Important: You must use a separate email account for every monitor that you create. Failure to do so will result in false negatives. For example, if you want to check both IMAP and POP3 on the same server, and create two instances of the monitor, one configured with POP3 and one with IMAP, you must use two separate email accounts. Otherwise, one monitor deletes all emails previously sent from both instances of the monitor and incorrectly reports the mail server as Down.

Provide a unique name and description for the monitor, then configure the following:

Outgoing mail

Incoming mail

SMTP Advanced Properties

POP3 advanced properties

Important: WhatsUp Gold only supports clear text authentication for retrieving mail. To protect your username and password when retrieving mail, you must use an SSL encryption method. When connecting using STARTTLS, the connection is encrypted before any authentication information is sent or any mail is retrieved.

Note: If your IMAP server is configured to move the test message sent by the monitor to any folder other than the Inbox, the monitor fails. WhatsUp Gold only detects messages in the Inbox folder on an IMAP server.

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