SQL Query (Active)

The SQL Query monitor uses Windows or ADO authentication to determine if specific conditions exist in a Microsoft SQL, MySQL, or ORACLE database by querying the database. If the configured conditions are present, the monitor is Up. If changes made to the database since the last query cause data to no longer fall within the defined criteria, the monitor is Down.

Important: To monitor a MySQL database, download and install the MySQL .NET Connector on the WhatsUp Gold machine. Please note, the latest version of WhatsUp Gold only supports MySQL .NET Connector version 8.0.21 due to potential compatibility issues. If you are using application monitoring features and/or SQL Query active or performance monitors, you must download and upgrade your connector from version 5.2.5 to 8.0.21. The MySQL .NET Connector can be downloaded here: https://downloads.mysql.com/archives/c-net/.

Note: When connecting to a remote SQL instance, WhatsUp Gold only supports the TCP/IP network library.

Provide a unique name and description for the monitor, then configure the following:

Click Build to launch the SQL Query Builder for assistance with developing proper query syntax. Only SELECT queries are allowed.

Important: WhatsUp Gold Active monitors do not store results data. If you want to track query results, use the SQL Query Performance Monitor.

Click Verify to test if the entered database query is valid.

Number of rows returned is. Select this option to determine the success or failure of the monitor scan based on rows returned by the SQL query. All database rows must match the criteria settings for the monitor to be considered Up.

Content of each retrieved row matches the following criteria. Select this option to determine the success or failure of the monitor scan based on criteria each database row must match. If multiple threshold criteria are used, all thresholds must match the criteria in each row for the monitor to be considered Up.

Click Add, Edit, and Delete as needed to create, modify, and remove database column values and conditions, respectively.

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