Implicit Action Policy

The Implicit Action policy automatically assigns actions to all devices in your database. You cannot opt out of the Implicit Action policy and it only assigns actions to devices. You must create separate action policies for device monitors.

If at any time during the normal operation of Network Performance Monitor you notice that actions are firing and you cannot find the action associated to the down device or monitor, remember to check the Implicit Action Policy. In previous versions of Network Performance Monitor, the Web Alarm action was included in the Implicit Action policy. This is no longer true in Network Performance Monitor. For more information on the Web Alarm action, see About Web Alarms.

To configure the Implicit Action Policy

  1. Go to the Index tab, then navigate to Network Performance Monitor Alerts and Actions > Actions > Action Policies. The Action Policies Library appears.
  2. Select the Implicit Action policy, then click Edit from the row Options menu. The Edit Action Policy dialog appears.
    • To add an action to the policy, click Add.
    • To modify an action in the policy, select it, then click Edit.
    • To delete an action form the policy, select it, then click Remove.
    • To have Network Performance Monitor execute only the first action in the list for each state, and stop when that action fires successfully, select Only execute first action (for each state).
    • To modify an action's placement in the list, click Up or Down.

3. Click OK to save changes.

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