Alert Center Percent Variables

The Email, SMS, and SMS Direct Actions can include three categories of percent variables in Alert Center notification message:

Use Alert Center percent variables in the Alert Center message body for SMS Direct and SMS action notifications, and in the subject line of Email notifications.

Note: The use of spaces in percent variables is not supported and not recommended.

Threshold percent variables




The threshold ID listed in the ProActiveAlert table.


The threshold name.


The threshold description.


The threshold polling interval.


The total new new and current items out of threshold.


The total of newly alerted items.


The total of existing items out of threshold (not including new items).


The count of items that can be evaluated in the threshold, i.e. there are 22 devices that have a Disk Performance Monitor configured.


The number of items automatically resolved.


The display name of each new item in an alert.


The display name of each current item in an alert.

Notification policy percent variables




The notification policy ID.


The notification policy name.


The notification policy description.


The list of actions included in the policy.


When the next step is to be sent.


The current escalation step.

System percent variables




The current system time.

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