OpsGenie Alert Management Action

The OpsGenie Alert Management action generates a request to either open or close an OpsGenie alert using a WhatsUp Gold-specific API key.

Configure the following:

Tip: The OpsGenie Alert Management action can be particularly useful when created in pairs as part of a single action policy. For example, create an action policy in WhatsUp Gold comprised of one action which sends a request to OpsGenie to create a new alert when a device goes into a Down state and another action which requests the alert be closed when that device returns to an Up state.

Please note, OpsGenie manages alerts using 'aliases' which in the context of WhatsUp Gold is typically the display name of the device which triggers the action. Alias is constructed using the format:

When multiple alerts are generated in OpsGenie for a specific alias, the alert count increases escalating the priority, rather than adding a completely separate line item in OpsGenie.

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